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The Institute of Communication and Automation Technology, ICAT’ programme was initiated to skill-up our youths in the fundamentals of the ICT content industry. The content industry (in software, hardwars, health, games, animations, movies, music, education,  etc) accounts for over $30BN worldwide.

As part of our mandate to ensure the right capacities are developed in the Information and Communication Technology sector of the Economy, we have this programme designed to build capacities in hardware, virtualization, mobile app, WebApps, software and digital content development. We provide avenues for continuous development for learners to acquire new skills and practical competences to meet the ever evolving needs of mankind. Explore our training programs for different categories of learners

At ICAT we envision to create the foremost hub of creative minds in content development in sub-sahara Africa.


The IT skills level in Nigeria is still in her formative stages and years behind other countries in America, Europe and Asia. IT has also proven to be the greatest creator/driver of wealth in these countries and Nigeria has been unable to partake in this because of our dearth of skills in this area.

The founders of ICAT Nigeria saw the deepening of the IT knowledge divide between the developed nations and the developing ones and in order to bridge this divide, they decided to form a strategic alliance with the most reputable IT training organization in the world – ICAT to provide world class IT training to the people of Nigeria.

ICAT, Nigeria strongly believes that by doing this, she will contribute immensely to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

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